Social Service

The social service and assistance are a response aimed at individuals and families with the purpose of minimizing and/or solving situations of vulnerability and is provided by the generalist teams and by the support teams for first time situations.


This intervention has an individualized character, but considers the collective dimension of the person, as the knowledge and deepening of the diagnosis of the local community is an asset and a relevant condition for a more consistent intervention by the Misericórdia de Lisboa, which allows a greater suitability for the emergence of new audiences.

Access can be made in person or by telephone in order to schedule the service. Social assistance in urgent situations is guaranteed daily by a technician on-call or of reference at the service points.

  • UDIP Madredeus | UDIP Alameda

    Avenida Almirante Reis 1900-221, Lisboa, Portugal
  • UDIP Oriente | UDIP Marvila

    Parque das Nações
    Praça José Queirós 1800-237, Lisboa, Portugal
  • UDIP Avenidas

    Avenidas Novas
    Avenida Marquês de Tomar 1050-158, Lisboa, Portugal
  • UDIP Colinas

    Santa Maria Maior
    Rua Nova da Trindade 1200-235, Lisboa, Portugal
  • UDIP Luz | UDIP Alta de Lisboa

    Rua do Lumiar 1750-163, Lisboa, Portugal
  • UDIP Tejo | UDIP Descobertas

    Travessa do Olival a Santos 1200-743, Lisboa, Portugal
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