Population at risk

Misericórdia de Lisboa provides assistance aimed at supporting individuals without a fixed residence or in transit in the city of Lisbon, and who are in an emergency situation or social risk.


The intervention of the Emergency Unit team has as its main purpose the care and monitoring of people and/or families, national or foreigners, in a homeless situation or unstable home and in a situation of serious social risk, guaranteeing them basic conditions of subsistence, in addition to the definition of intervention plans based on well-founded diagnoses, aimed at training, acquiring and developing skills, with a view to the social reintegration of individuals.

It responds to the needs of citizens without a fixed residence or in transit in the city of Lisbon and to situations of emergency or social risk, namely asylum seekers and candidates for refugee status.

The Homeless Planning and Intervention Unit of Lisbon (NPISA) responds specifically to the homeless population. It is located at Cais do Gás, in Lisbon, where the entities that work with this population are represented.

Shelter House
Social Cafeteria
Temporary Accommodation Center
Emergency Accommodation Center
Occupational Ateliers
Transition Houses