Disability Support Centers

Santa Casa provides residential care and provides health, psychosocial and rehabilitation care to people with disabilities and/or multiple disabilities and people with blindness and/or low vision.

  • Centro Residencial Arco-Íris

    Rua Conde Ficalho 1700-111, Lisboa, Portugal
  • Centro de Reabilitação Nossa Senhora dos Anjos

    São Vicente
    Travessa Recolhimento Lázaro Leitão 1170, Lisboa, Portugal
  • Instituto Médico-Pedagógico Condessa de Rilvas

    Avenidas Novas
    Rua da Beneficência 1050-099, Lisboa, Portugal
  • Lar Branco Rodrigues

    Rua Malange 2775-238, Parede, Portugal

Residence for young people and young adults with cognitive impairment, where skills are developed, knowledge is shared, and affections are stimulated.

The Condessa de Rilvas Medical-Pedagogical Institute is an equipment that meets two social responses, namely:

Occupational Activities Center (CAO):
It aims at personal development and the integration of people with disabilities/multi-disabilities, allowing the development of their abilities, without being bound by income requirements or regulatory framework of a legal-labor nature.


Condessa de Rilvas Residential Center
Social response for medium and long-term care for young people and adults, exclusively male, who are temporarily or permanently prevented from residing in the family environment, with a view to guaranteeing and promoting their rights.

Branco Rodrigues Residential Home is intended for students with visual impairments, of both genders, from 18 years of age onwards.

Residential Home
Blindness or Low Vision Rehabilitation Centers
Occupational Activities Center