Lisboa Social Mitra

Santa Casa intends to transform Mitra into a unique innovation hub in the area of social economy, in order to serve the most vulnerable publics in the city of Lisbon.


The main focus of Lisboa Social Mitra, the city’s new social economy hub, is to host projects of a social, economic, environmental and innovative nature, giving special attention to entrepreneurship initiatives. Mitra’s goals also include community spaces and an offer of supporting and facilitating responses to people who experience more difficulties of integration into the society.

Mitra’s intervention strategy will focus on restructuring and rehabilitating its buildings as well as its farm, with the aim of giving a more dynamic use to those spaces that will promote social integration, provide motivation and give training to its users providing, at the same time, other kind of responses to those with urgent needs.

Lisboa Social Mitra is an integrated and open response to society, based on important values such as solidarity, diversity and inclusion.

Rapaz em cadeira de rodas com um papel com T

Valor T

Launched in 2021, Valor T – Talento e Transformação (talent and transformation) is a platform that aims to promote employment for people with disabilities, valuing their skills, abilities and talents and committing companies to implement an open and inclusive business culture.


Learn more about Valor T, here.

Empreendedorismo Social

Casa do Impacto (Impact House) and Social Village

In these spaces, we plan to develop a programme that ensures that social economy and impact organizations have the capacity to install themselves to boost entrepreneurship and social innovation, through the aggregation and support of transformative initiatives for society. It provides for the creation of incubation and coworking spaces for companies, NGOs and start-ups, with the possibility of investment and financing.


Learn more about Casa do Impacto, here.

Audiência de pessoas

Academy Of Social Economy

This academy aims to promote the empowerment of social economy entities, their leaders and teams, preparing them to face the most decisive social challenges of the future. The functional programme of this academy provides classrooms for training in different modules, living and leisure areas, among other solutions.

Idosa a sorrir

Residence For The Elderly

Maintaining its usefulness as a Residential Structure for the Elderly (ERPI), this residence has the capacity to house around 60 users with physical and/or cognitive impairments. Its aim is to promote their autonomy and integration into society. The residence will also offer support services, an area for socializing and another for leisure activities.

Crianças fazem puzzle

Domingos Barreiro Kindergarten

The project consists in the relocation of the Domingos Barreiro childcare center (CAI) , currently located in the Health Unit with the same name, to a new building in the northern area, near Quinta da Mitra.


Community Space and Farm

The “community” consists of a pavilion and a garden and is intended to be a recreational space and meeting place for users and anyone who wishes to enjoy the Mitra. Its aim is to encourage interaction and contribute to social integration.
The community farm will be a place of multisensory stimulation and vegetable growing, fundamental to the food cycle of the Lisboa Social Mitra, in which all users, seniors and children alike, can participate.

“Vai para a Mitra!” is an expression in the Lisbon lexicon that corresponds to an insult to a person who angers someone. The use of this expression means that the annoying person should move away. Even today, “vai para a Mitra!” means the end of the line, the final consequence of a vice or a bad decision in life. However, “Lisbon Mitra” contains several stories associated with this place: The Patriarch’s Palace, the Seixas Factory and the Beggars’ Hostel, all with the intention of bringing development and new ideas to Portugal, in terms of its economic, social and diplomatic development. Each of these perspectives was, of course, based on the prevailing concerns of the time and used methods that were considered appropriate, even if they are considered inappropriate today.


  • VALOR T | Pavilion B | 830m2
  • ACADEMY OF SOCIAL ECONOMY| South Building | 2.600m2
  • RESIDENCE FOR THE ELDERLY | Tejo Building + Pavilion K | 2.120m2 + 720m2
  • DOMINGOS BARREIRO KINDERGARTEN | North Building | 1.305m2
  • COMMUNITY SPACE | Pavilion A + Santo António Garden | 730m2 + 360m2
  • FARM | Mitra’s Quinta | 4.000m2