Lisbon, City of all Ages

The “Lisbon, City of All Ages program” aims to promote integrated policies for longevity, which translates into 3 strategic axes: Active Life, Autonomous Life and Assisted Life. These axes bring together various measures aimed at improving the quality of life and well-being of the 65+ population, also promoting the maintenance and promotion of autonomy and the provision of qualified care.


The “Lisbon, City of All Ages” programme is a strategy for the city and its mission is to provide an integrated response to the 65+ population, on the path to longevity, promoting participatory citizenship actions with a view to greater levels of autonomy and independence. It is the result of a close collaboration agreement with important partners – Lisbon City Council and the Social Security Institute -, focused on two objectives:

  • Implement integrated, articulated and proximity responses;
  • Promote the qualification of the intervention.

The achievement of these purposes foresees the realization of a set of measures organized in 3 strategic axes:

  • Active Life;
  • Autonomous Life;
  • Assisted Life.

This is an ambitious action program with several underlying principles:

  • Strategic knowledge;
  • Respect for autonomy and action;
  • Innovation;
  • Suitability and speed;
  • Accessibility and access;
  • Effectiveness, efficiency and effectiveness.

Within the scope of Active Life, the aim is to create conditions for the promotion of active life for this population group at the cultural, sports, training and civic intervention levels. In the axis of Autonomous Life, the improvement of the physical conditions of the public and built space, as well as requalifying, innovating and diversifying the network of equipment and services that promote autonomy, independence and delay institutionalization. In the Assisted Life axis, the improvement and expansion of the network of social and health facilities, as well as the provision of care for situations of dependency.

Lisbon, City of all Ages

Program presentation

Lisbon, City of all Ages

RADAR Project: aims to identify the population over 65 and build community-based social integration systems.

Teleassistance: service for people in situations of dependency and/or disabilities.

InterAge Space: intergenerational space open to the community, provided for within the scope of the redevelopment of 21 Day Centers.

Extension of the coverage of the Home Assistance Service:

  • Informal Caregiver Support Service: train caregivers to provide better care and prevent the risk of overload/stress
  • Home support service: expand and qualify the coverage of the service with access to health and rehabilitation services, with the training of professionals
  • Construction of eight pieces of equipment with Residential Structure for the Elderly and Continuing Care.