For over five hundred years, Misericórdia de Lisboa has been caring for those most in need.

In this mission it has enjoyed the support and confidence of benefactors who, aware of its work, donate their goods to the institution in the certainty that they will be applied to good causes.


The donations in favour of Misericórdia are destined for the causes supported by the institution and the social, health, educational, cultural and heritage activities it develops. In this way, Santa Casa respects the memory and will of all those who entrust it with their goods and continues its social mission.

If you would like to support Misericórdia in its mission to help and protect thousands of people, you can make Misericórdia a legacy or bequest, or like so many others, make donations in cash or kind.

These donations allow us to say that the mission of Santa Casa is made by people for people and that we all share in the common good.