For over five hundred years, Misericórdia de Lisboa has taken care of those who need it most.

In this mission, it has counted on the support and trust of benefactors, meritorious people who, knowing its action, give the institution their goods, certain that they will be applied in good causes.


The donations in favor of Misericórdia have been directed towards the causes supported and the activity developed by the institution in the areas of social action, health, education, culture and heritage. In this way, Santa Casa respects the memory and will of all those who entrust it with their goods and continues its social mission.

If you want to be part and help Misericórdia in its mission to support and protect thousands of people, you can donate money or goods making Misericórdia your heir or legatee. You can also.

This enables us to say that the mission of Santa Casa is of people for people and that all participate in the common good.