Saúde + Próxima

Saúde + Próxima unit works with populations in terms of primary prevention, in several areas: Thematic Units, Youth Unit, Saber Saúde, Health Events, Quality Health Partnerships and Special Projects.


Screening and awareness-raising actions on chronic pathologies that affect the majority of the Portuguese population (respiratory diseases, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, osteoporosis, skin cancer, stroke and dementia). These screenings take place in historic and municipal districts and promote healthy lifestyle habits and disease prevention. Diabetes mellitus, respiratory diseases, anemia and prevention of breast cancer and prostate cancer were also already evaluated by this Unit, with the support of specialized scientific societies.

Free health screenings for all children and young people up to 18 years of age, with the authorisation of their parents/guardians, raising awareness about eating habits, hygiene and rest/activity. They vary according to age, but generally include anthropometric (weight, height/length, head circumference, body mass index), oral, visual (hirschberg test, brückner test and colour blindness) and auditory (observation of the ear canal), blood glucose, cholesterol and blood pressure assessment.

It responds to needs identified by the NSMP team, the population and community partners. Through this aspect, and using Health Education Sessions as a tool, prevention and awareness actions are developed, with different themes, taking into account the target audience.

It arises within the scope of the activities developed by the Thematic Units, with the themes being in accordance with the theme that the team is working on, and/or with the needs identified by the requesting equipment/institutions.

This seeks to raise awareness among children and young people and whenever relevant, the adults responsible for them and their peers, about healthy lifestyle and regular health monitoring.

These events arose from the need to intervene in the population, in different contexts, to be closer to people who are in environments that may be harmful to health. It also responds to the needs of the population, entities and institutions that invite people to carry out activities. Promoting health and preventing risky behavior are the main objectives.

It ensures continuity in the assistance to the population and the continuous improvement in the provision of healthcare by the NSMP team, through the articulation between various aspects. The main purposes are to monitor people referred and assess people’s satisfaction with the quality of the services provided. The activities dedicated to the theme of nutrition developed in the context of Quality Health contribute to the improvement of the quality of care provided, allowing to be closer to those who don’t have access to nutritio consultations. The possibility of carrying out follow-ups and thus continuing the work developed in the mobile units facilitates changes in behavior and provides an optimization of the care provided.

It promotes the involvement and active participation of the various civil society organsations in the city of Lisbon. Parish councils, residents’ associations, social solidarity institutions, parishes, clubs and local communities, among others, come together to think about the well-being of the community. Partnerships also seeks the support and experience of the Academy and scientific societies in the different areas of intervention of the Nucleus.

It arises from some established partnerships that require the NSMP’s activity to take longer.