Red Cross Hospital

Inaugurated in 1965, the Red Cross Hospital (HCV) is a hospital of national reference, not only for its clinical staff of recognised prestige in multiple specialties, but also for the culture of the organisation built over decades of healthcare provision. In December 2020, Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa took over the management of the Hospital.


By acquiring part of the capital of the Red Cross Hospital Management Company, Misericórdia de Lisboa undertakes to maintain the name and identity, as well as all the clinical activity of the Hospital. The agreement signed between the parties also provides for the reinforcement of their intervention in the Third Sector, in line with the strategic and operational guidelines of Santa Casa in the area of Health.

  • Cardiologia


  • Dermatologia


  • Ginecologia/Obstetrícia e Planeamento Familiar


  • Exames Radiologia


  • ICON

    General and Family Medicine

  • icon medicina-interna

    Internal Medicine

  • Ícone Neurologia


  • icon oftalmologia