Unit W+ is a health response, which aims to provide psychological and psychotherapeutic support to people at risk and psychological vulnerability, in an outpatient clinic or in the community. It also invests in preventing risky behaviors and promoting healthy lifestyles.


Unit W+ enhances the adhesion of the population at risk, through an interdisciplinary intervention, using innovative responses to meet each case.

Organized in 3 groups, children, teenagers and adults, its transversal philosophy is the continuous adaptation to the different stages of the Person’s life cycle.

Operating since 2003, the Unit has received recognition for its in various areas within Mental health, namely the 2019 Award for Good Practices in Psychology from the Ordem dos Psicólogos – Southern Delegation, which constitutes an incentive for the continuity and development of new responses.

The collaboration with the New Medical School/Faculty of Medical Sciences of the Universidade NOVA through a new Learning Programme in the undergraduate teaching of the Integrated Master’s Course in Medicine, allows 4th year students to have a morning of practical classes at Unit W+, with the purpose of disseminating good practices in working with adolescents.

Saúde W+

Revolving Entrance Door

The user can access the service, attending the different responses available, whether the most conventional ones in terms of health (for example, consultations), or others specially designed for users who find it difficult to join this type of response (such as groups, therapeutic theatre, creative expression, sports practice, among others.

Saúde W+


The screening includes a biopsychosocial assessment and takes place at 3 different times.

First it is prepared by a psychologist involving an evaluation of the user’s stage of development in terms of preparation for change. The fact that the screening is carried out by a psychologist allows an evaluation of intrapsychic factors which determine not only the admission, the degree of risk, but also the scope of the evaluation.

Nursing screening allows a global look at the user’s health status and, finally, a social service technician prepares a social evaluation, closing the integrating look required in a first contact.

Saúde W+

Individual (Psycho) Therapeutic Plan

After screening, in an interdisciplinary team, an individual (psycho) therapeutic plan (PTI) is drawn up. Each user is seen as a unique and unrepeatable reality. Thus, the referrals made obey a logic of creating responses according to the needs of each person and not just fitting them in previously formatted responses.

Saúde W+

W+ Community Intervention

It is the Unit’s technicians who, working in the community, identify and evaluate the needs of the population with the aim of referring them to the Unit, in continuous consultation and assessment of the real needs detected. This dynamic provides a concerted dissemination/intervention between the community and the Unit, offering an immediate health response of an innovative nature.

Saúde W+

Use of community leaders

Positive health models in awareness-raising and intervention actions. These mediators are users of the Unit W+ who, due to their profile and therapeutic path, begin to intervene with their peers, thus promoting a change in risk behaviors.

formação de alunos de Medicina

Participation in the training of medical students

The W + Unit, through its core of adolescents, collaborates with the New Medical School/Faculty of Medical Sciences of Universidade NOVA in a new Learning Programme in undergraduate teaching of the Integrated Masters Course in Medicine. The work developed at W+ is an example of innovation and good practices in working with teenagers.

  • icon Psicologia


    • Provision of care in the area of Psychological/Mental Health
    • Prevention of disease and risk behaviors
    • Promotion of healthy behaviors
  • ICON


    • Health promotion
    • Provision of nursing care
  • ICON


    • Provision of health care in the field of Mental Health
  • ICON

    Occupational Therapy

    • Intervention with a weak population and/or with occupational dysfunctions
    • Postural correction
    • Pilates
  • ICON

    Social Service

    • Evaluation, monitoring, referral and articulation with other services / community
  • ICON

    General and Family Medicine Consultation

    • Provision of care in the area of Sexual and Reproductive Health / General and Family Medicine
  • ICON

    Sport activity

    • Individual / group monitoring framed in therapeutic intervention

Workshops for parents and children

Promote and strengthen emotional bonds through various creative activities.

Therapeutic riding and hippotherapy

Promote re-educational techniques with users with special educational needs.

Personal and social skills (Psychotherapeutic Group)

Promotes interpersonal skills and increases the level of knowledge about issues inherent to daily life and living in society

Control Yourself+ (Psychotherapeutic Group)

Promotes the acquisition of self-control strategies and interpersonal problem solving in parallel with the development of psychomotricity.

Big people's conversations about young people (Psychotherapeutic group)

Promotes parenting skills that facilitate the healthy development of their children.

Summer activities

Promote motivation to acquire healthy lifestyle habits and develop personal and social skills. Promote the adhesion of children to Unit W+.

Summer workshops

Promote the health and well-being of children undergoing psychological counseling, or who are still waiting for a psychology consultation, through specific activities that complement the summer activities.

Transition to the 5th Year (Support Group)

Develops strategies for better adaptation to change from 1st to 2nd Cycle. This program takes place in September of each year, before the beginning of the school year.

Yoga and Mindfulness for Kids

Promote movement and physical-motor coordination, adequate breathing patterns, self-regulation, relaxation, focus and concentration, attention to the present moment, emotional intelligence, respect for nature and cooperation. Use of games, stories, music and meditation.

ExperimentARTE Project

Holistic look at the vectors of biopsychosocial well-being, uniting essential synergies and enhancing sustainable results. Outreach meetings between Mental Health and various forms of artistic expression.

MIMO Project

Promotes healthy lifestyle habits and the exercise of conscious parenting – during pregnancy, 1st and 2nd childhood. Prevention is the agent of change in transgenerational cycles of violence, abuse and negligence in childhood.

Recreate (Psychotherapeutic Group)

Promotes personal and social skills through creative expression and self-concept development.

Therapeutic theater

Deconstruction and relaxation of rigidified defenses and Identity Cohesion and integration of various roles. Working the emerging group and writing and performing plays based on emerging themes in the group.

Be Inspired (Psychotherapeutic Group)

Promotes and strengthens resilience, verbal and non-verbal expression through creative mediators. Creates adaptive strategies to deal with vulnerabilities.

Movement + Biodanza (Therapeutic group)

Promotes healthy bonds, increases self-esteem and self-confidence and balance organic functions, contributing to greater internal harmony and consequently in the environment.

Photosynthesis (Psychotherapeutic Group)

Develops and promotes personal and social skills, using photography and phototherapy techniques as a mediator.

Summer activities

Health promotion and disease prevention (sexuality, violence, equality and gender issues). Means of disseminating and facilitating the young person’s contact with the W+ response.

Summer ateliers

Promote adherence to the service from playful-creative activities following the summer activities.

W Gym

Promotes physical and psychological well-being through physical activity.

Medical School

Class with 4th year medical students dedicated to child and adolescent health.

Project Get On The Scene

Prevents risk and promotes healthy behaviours in the area of sexuality, communication, bullying and school demotivation. Promotion of Mental Health.

Ocup@-te project

Promotes biopsychosocial health. Acquisition of socio-affective skills with a view to integration in professional training and consolidation of the Life Project.

48H Project Film

Boosts teenagers’ self-esteem. Promotes psychological balance; Trains socio-affective skills.

Festival Mental

Public presentation of a play created by Teatro Terapêutico. Promotion of Mental Health.

W + Percussion Orchestra

Construction of percussion instruments. Promotes teamwork, concentration, impulse control, active listening and the physical and psychological delimitation of the self, through percussive music.

Adult Biodanza (Therapeutic Group)

Promotes well-being and the balance of organic functions.

Female Dialogues (Psychotherapeutic Group)

Therapeutic group aimed at women with depression.

Adults in Progression (Therapeutic Group)

Therapeutic group aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles.


Continuing the adapted gymnastics project aimed at adult users, W FiT is based on personalized training for people who need to improve their physical condition.

Ideas cinema (Therapeutic Group)

Therapeutic group that aims to promote personal, relational and social skills.

Pilates and Postural Reeducation

Implementation of healthy lifestyle habits and postural correction. Pilates in ADLs.

Dialogues with Depression

Integrated response program for Depression aimed at people in a context of psychosocial vulnerability.

Swimming / Football / W Gim / W Fit

Activities for users with adherence problems or with therapeutic indication for these activities.