Long-Term Care Units

Misericórdia de Lisboa has currently 213 long-term care beds, most of which are distributed among three departments that are part of the national network of integrated long-term care.


The administration of Santa Casa has paid special attention to the shortage of beds for integrated permanent care, and through these actions aims to help address this shortage in the city of Lisbon.

The integrated management of Santa Casa’s Integrated long term Care Units (UCCI) is the responsibility of the Department of Social Welfare and Health. Its mission is to manage and ensure integrated continuous care throughout the institution, promoting autonomy and improving the functionality and living conditions of people in a dependency situation through their rehabilitation, reintegration and family and social reintegration. It also ensures compliance with the commitments made within the framework of the National Network for Integrated Long-Term Care (RNCCI) and contributes to improving access and quality of health care and social support.
Currently, Santa Casa has a total of 213 inpatient beds, 181 of which are contracted with RNCCI:

  • 23 in the convalescent unit;
  • 78 in the medium-term treatment and rehabilitation department;
  • 80 in the long-term treatment and nursing department.

It also has 32 beds that are not part of the network:

  • 22 privately owned;
  • 10 under a protocol with the Portuguese Institute of Oncology (IPO) for the provision of palliative care.

The lack of beds in integrated long-term care is the subject of special attention of the current administration of Santa Casa, which intends to contribute with these measures to address this shortage in the city of Lisbon.

This was the first Integrated Long-Term Care Unit of Santa Casa, which opened in 2016. It offers extended health care in the different stages of disease development, thanks to the support of a multidisciplinary team, and offers three types of hospitalization: medium-term and rehabilitation; long-term and nursing; palliative care.

It currently has a total of 78 beds, 46 of which are integrated into the National Network for Integrated Long-Term Care:

  • 26 in the long-term and nursing unit;
  • 20 in the intermediate duration and rehabilitation unit.

It also has:

  • 22 beds in long-term care in private ownership;
  • 10 beds in palliative care, under the specific protocol with IPO.

The Pulido Valente Health Park has a long-term care wing managed by Santa Casa since July 2019, with a total of 44 inpatient beds contracted exclusively with the National Network for Integrated Long-Term Care:

  • 21 in the Long-Term and Nursing Unit;
  • 13 in the Intermediate Duration and Rehabilitation Unit;
  • 10 in the convalescence unit.

The Rainha Dona Leonor Integrated Long-Term Care Unit – a former complex of the Hospital da Militar da Estrela in Lisbon – which will become operational in September 2021, has a capacity of 91 beds:

  • 13 in the convalescent ward;
  • 39 in the intermediate duration ward;
  • 39 in the rehabilitation, long-term and nursing ward.

The 91 beds will gradually be made available to users in the Lisbon region and the Tagus Valley who have been referred by the National Network for Integrated Long-Term Care.