Community Intervention

At the end of 2021, the former Núcleo de Saúde Mais Próxima gave way to the GPS programme (Gestão de Projetos da Saúde). Its aim is to promote greater health literacy and empowerment of users and their communities through continuous actions with the population.


Through this programme, Santa Casa works continuously with the population to promote better health literacy and empowerment of users and their respective communities.
The aim is to make them more autonomous, aware and responsible for their health as well as the health of those who depend on them.

In parallel, this programme ensures both programmed interventions and representation of the institution at health events and promotion of awareness-raising activities in the communities of the city of Lisbon.

The GPS programme also provides for the creation and monitoring of duly justified intervention projects at community level, integrated into the respective Santa Casa health departments, either in terms of continuity or through a single transversal intervention methodology, the use of validated assessment tools that allow for the creation of knowledge on health at community level and the replication of best practises.