Professional Training Center of Santa Isabel Village

The Professional Training Center of Santa Isabel Village (CFP of ASI) has more than 30 years of history in the education and training of young people.


Located in Albarraque/Sintra, in a surrounding extent with an approximate area of about 6 hectares and in full contact with nature, it brings together a set of distinctive conditions that promote/guarantee environmental sustainability and the conditions for the quality of education and training of young people who attend:

  • An interdisciplinary follow-up team of psychologists, social workers and educators;
  • Pedagogical pairs (two teachers) per class in the development of the technological component (workshops) of the course;
  • The technological component of the course is developed in workshops that reproduce real work contexts in a company;
  • Collaborative teaching-learning practices in co-teaching in 25% of the total course load;
  • Pedagogical model based on the principle of convergence of knowledge between the theoretical and practical components of the course;
  • Discipline of Personal and Social Development in education and training courses for young people (Dance, Music and Artistic Expression);
  • Project component in the field of arts/artistic expression and pottery in apprenticeship courses (Level 4 – 12th year);
  • Portuguese non-native language support classes ;
  • Training offer regulated by its own Normative Dispatch within the scope of the National Qualifications System (DN 15/2017 of October 2nd).

CFP of ASI promotes and develops training offers for dual certification, in the form of education and training for young people and professional courses, according to the National Qualifications Catalog and pursuant to Normative Dispatch no. 15/2017, of October 2nd, DR, 2nd Series.

Santa Isabel Village - Professional Training Center

  • Training subvention (monthly);
  • Personal accident insurance;
  • Transport allowance (pass);
  • Transport from Lisbon;
  • Food reinforcement in the morning and lunch;
  • School and workshop materials;
  • Internship (Practical Training in the Work Context).
  • Copy of the candidate’s and guardian’s Citizen Card.
  • If you do not have a Citizen Card, attach a copy of the Identity Card / Residence Permit / Passport or other, along with a copy of the Tax Identification Number.
  • Candidate’s Certificate of Qualifications.

Download the application form and send it to or deliver it in person at Santa Isabel Village.





* Applications through the online form have been temporarily suspended, they will be resumed as soon as possible.