Santa Casa Longevity Award

Aims to create innovative methodologies that promote well-being, as well as the promotion of autonomy, self-determination and the participation of the 65+ population in the community.


Awarded every two years, these awards provide financial support up to a maximum amount of 300.000 euros), distributed by the 3 best scientific research projects that meet the criteria and purposes of each of the Strategic Axes of the Program Lisbon, Cidade of all ages:

  • Active Life Axis: promotion of active life for the 65+ population, whether cultural, sports, training or civic intervention;
  • Autonomous Life Axis: improvement of the physical conditions of public spaces and buildings, as well as the requalification and diversification of the network of equipment and services that promote the autonomy of people over 65, as an alternative to institutionalization;
  • Supported Life Axis: expansion and improvement of the network of social and health facilities, as well as the provision of care for situations of dependency.


100.000 euros will be awarded for each project selected for each of the Strategic Axes. Multidisciplinary projects with relevance, scientific quality and operational potential are sought within the scope of the Santa Casa, especially in the deepening of current responses, and in the intervention of Social welfare and Health associated with Longevity and Innovation.