Nunes Correa Verdades de Faria Awards

Created in 1987, they fulfill the will expressed in a will by Mantero Belard. They are given annually to people of any nationality who, in Portugal, have contributed, through their efforts, work or studies, in the three areas defined by the benefactor: care and affection given to the unprotected elderly; medical progress in its application to the elderly; progress in treating heart disease.


The value of each award is 12.500 euros) and the applications are evaluated by a jury composed of renowned personalities in the field of social security and health and chaired by Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa.

In 2021, the Jury unanimously decided to award the following candidates:


Area A “Care and Affection for the Unprotected Elderly”
Leonel Francisco Franco, vice president of the board of directors of de São José Nursing Home – Social Solidarity Foundation, in Torres Vedras.

Area B “Progress of Medicine in its Application to the Elderly”
Nurse Ângela Sofia Lopes Simões, PhD in Nursing and specialist in Medical-Surgical Nursing and Nursing for Persons in Palliative Situation.

Area C “Progress in the Treatment of Heart Disease”
Professor Doctor Maria Júlia Pires Maciel Barbosa, graduated in medicine and head of the retired cardiology service at Hospital de São João and retired assistant professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto.



Area A “Care and Affection for the Unprotected Elderly”
Rute Sónia Loureiro de Moura, degree in Childhood Education and Master in Sociology.

Area C “Progress in the Treatment of Heart Disease”
Rui André Quadros Bebiano da Providência e Costa, graduated in Medicine, currently consultant in Cardiology and Cardiac Arrythmology at Barts Heart Centre in London and professor at University College of London; Sílvia Martins Ribeiro, graduated in Medicine with a specialty in Cardiology.