E.L.A. Research Program

Following the launch of the Santa Casa Neurosciences Awards, in 2013, two years later the Program to Support Scientific Research in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis was launched (ELA).


Reinforcing its commitment to research, this program intends to actively and directly contribute to improving the living conditions of patients with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and to collaborate in the search for a way to cure this disease. This research support initiative demonstrates, once again, Santa Casa’s direct involvement in research projects, through funding and the establishment of partnerships, as well as the award of research grants, in order to encourage the advanced training of resources humans in combating this disease.

ALS is a degenerative, progressive, rare and incurable neurological disease that is characterized by causing progressive and irreversible motor paralysis. In order to keep hope alive in the construction of more effective responses to combat this disease, the program promotes and streamlines fundamental or clinical scientific research, in order to encourage significant contributions within the scope of ALS, enabling new strategies in prevention, treatment and restoration of neurological functions.

Although it appears as a result of the Santa Casa Neurosciences Awards, this initiative presents some significant and innovative differences in the performance of Santa Casa. For the first time, the institution presents itself not only as a funding entity, but as a partner that affects its research grant holders to the winning project. This is a new perspective, which shows the understanding and importance that Santa Casa gives to human resources prepared for research on specific topics, as the best way to achieve the intended goals.