Sustainable purchasing

As a large buyer, Santa Casa understands that it must positively influence its suppliers and the market itself, through a set of instruments that make its purchases more sustainable. Among these instruments is its Sustainable Procurement Policy, which is based on a set of Principles and Values.

Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa assumes its responsibility with sustainable development, striving to progressively become an institution with low environmental impact, ensuring the continuous introduction of environmental and ethical criteria in the purchasing processes, with the purpose of minimizing the impacts arising from its activity, and of creating value, promoting innovation and the development of more ecological and socially responsible products and services.

The procurement procedures of Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa are specifically governed by the fundamental principles defined by the Public Procurement Code to which it is bound, as well as by the following principles:

  • Respect for the environment and promotion of its preservation;
  • Rationalization of resources and waste prevention;
  • Quality and innovation, promoting the dematerialization and continuous improvement of its procedures;
  • Cooperation with social actors for sustainability;
  • Promotion of social inclusion and cohesion;
  • Consistency with other policies and strategies in force at the Institution.