Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa seeks to improve the well-being of the person as a whole, giving priority to the most unprotected.


It is best known for its intervention in the area of Social Action and for ensuring the exploitation of the State’s social games (Jogos Santa Casa), but it also carries out important work in the areas of Health, Education and Training, Culture, Research and Innovation. Also, in the area of the Social Economy of Entrepreneurship, the institution promotes and associates itself with various initiatives in this sector.

At the request of the State or other public entities, Santa Casa may develop other activities of service or public interest.

Seeking to effectively fulfill its Mission, Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa Board defined the following strategic purposes to be pursued in the 2019-2021 triennium:

1 – Increase responsiveness in the area of continuous care, ensuring the satisfaction of the needs and expectations of the population of Lisbon

2 – Monitor public policies in the health area, optimizing the installed skills and acting from a perspective of complementarity and suppression of gaps in the NHS

3 – Pursue the purposes of social action, ensuring the provision of care to the most vulnerable populations, prioritizing responses to children and the elderly, promoting their development and quality of life

4 – Promote the quality of life, empowerment and full integration in society of people with disabilities, combining for this purpose the intervention capacity of the different areas of SCML

5 – Rehabilitate and requalify SCML’s assets, which are related to its activity, ensuring the necessary adaptations to comply with all legal criteria for use

6 – Improve the network of mediators of the State’s Social Games, providing a responsible and safe gaming offer, promoting moderate gaming habits

7 – Increase the cultural offer of citizens who live in or visit the city of Lisbon

8 – Promote R&D (research and development) in SCML’’ intervention domains, establishing a process of convergence with the national target

9 – Assume innovation and digital transformation as factors to improve the level of effectiveness and efficiency of processes

10 – Contribute to the purposes of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, within the scope of SCML’s activity

11 – Encourage and consolidate national and international cooperation relations, ensuring access to good management practices in all SCML intervention areas

12 – Optimize and harmonize the management of Human Resources based on sharing knowledge, innovation and a culture of demand, excellence and merit

13 – Adapt the organic and functional structure of SCML in order to respond to the new challenges of efficiency, quality and sustainability

14 – Promote the financial sustainability of SCML as a whole and in its different areas of intervention

15 – Increase the profitability and return to society of social games

16 – Invest and make assets profitable

The achievement of Santa Casa’s Strategic Purposes is supported and guided by its Activity Plan and Budget and by its Assessment and Accountability Framework (QUAR). With the introduction of the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) system, the interconnection between the Strategic Purposes and the BSC dimensions was achieved, which allowed for a general, comprehensive, quantitative and objective assessment of the degree of implementation of the Santa Casa Strategy.