Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa seeks to improve the well-being of the person as a whole, giving priority to the most unprotected.


It is best known for its intervention in the area of Social Action and for ensuring the exploitation of the State’s social games (Jogos Santa Casa), but it also carries out important work in the areas of Health, Education and Training, Culture, Research and Innovation. Also, in the area of the Social Economy of Entrepreneurship, the institution promotes and associates itself with various initiatives in this sector.

At the request of the State or other public entities, Santa Casa may develop other activities of service or public interest.

Seeking to fulfil its Mission effectively, the Board of Directors of Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa has set the following strategic objectives for the four-year period 2022-2025, under the motto: “Meeting the Challenge, Strengthening the Future”.

A vision supported by the goal of “creating an ecosystem of well-being” and a performance model focused on “managing the present with an eye to the future”:


Structuring a response for dignified ageing

1 – Contributing to ageing with autonomy and in the community

2 – Qualifing and diversifing the scope and support services in the need for care


Breaking the cycle of poverty with children and young people 

3 – Promoting full civic participation of children and young people to respond to local and global challenges.


Creating an inclusive, structured and articulated response for vulnerable groups 

4 – Contributing to the emancipation of vulnerable people in the community 

5 – Promoting vocational training and supported employment, with a focus on personal vocation 


Building a diverse and robust society 

6 – Strengthening the dimension of culture as an instrument for social empowerment

7 – Fighting discrimination and promoting equality in society and in the institution

8 – Stimulating networking for comprehensive social development


Ensuring a complementary health offer to the SNS

9 – Organising Health with a focus on the person, promoting integration and the efficiency of responses

10 – Promoting health and physical activity in the community


Enhancing the value of the Santa Casa Games as a heritage at the service of all

11 – Transforming Santa Casa Games into an Industry 4.0, digital and socially responsible benchmark


A sustainable vision of Real Estate

12 – Managing real estate assets, guaranteeing their overall sustainability


Improving the performance of the institution 

13 – Adapting human resources to the needs of the mission to ensure a global and individual dimension

14 – Ensuring financial sustainability and resilience

15 – Investing in technology, research and development to deepen knowledge and respond to new challenges


Supporting the resilience of Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa

16 – Promoting organisational excellence and sustainable management


The 2022-2025 strategy is in line with the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

This strategy was defined after a consultation process that included the definition of a benchmark for debate by the Board of Directors, participation in seminars and an online questionnaire open to the universe of the institution’s workers.