The supervision of Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa is exercised by the member of the Government who oversees the area of Social Security. It covers, in addition to the powers provided for in the Statutes, the definition of general management guidelines, the supervision of the institution’s activity and its coordination with State bodies or those dependent on it.


These Statutes are approved by Decree-Law no. 235/2008, of december 3rd, and amended by Decree-Law no. 114/2011, by Decree-Law no. 67/2015 and Law no. 53 /2018.

1 – SCML aims to improve the well-being of people, primarily the most disadvantaged, including social action, health, education and teaching, culture and the promotion of quality of life, in accordance with the Christian tradition and works of mercy of its original commitment and its centuries-old performance in favor of the community, as well as the promotion, support and carrying out of activities aimed at innovation, quality and safety in the provision of services and, also, the development of initiatives within the social economy.

2 – SCML also carries out service activities or public interest requested by the State or other public entities.

3 – In order to carry out its statutory purposes, SCML:

a) Creates, organizes and manages establishments and services within the scope of its activities, or which are assigned to it through management agreements entered into with private, public and social entities;

b) Develops and pursues modalities of social action in all areas, namely in the areas of childhood and youth, family and community, elderly population, people with disabilities and other unprotected population segments;

c) Develops and pursues health promotion, disease prevention and treatment, rehabilitation and continuing care activities;

d) Promotes, supports and encourages volunteering;

e) Establishes and participates in the creation and operation of education and training establishments;

f) Promotes studies and research in its areas of expertise;

g) Creates or participates in the creation of other private legal persons;

h) Participates in associations or corresponding bodies, national and international, that pursue similar purposes;

i) Advises, informs and supports citizens and their families in the effective realization of their rights in accessing goods and services of a social nature, within the scope of its statutory purposes;

j) Develops models of good practice in social interventions, with an assessment of their efficiency and quality, and collaborates, through their dissemination and promotion, in the modernization and progressive improvement of the operating conditions of private social establishments;

k) Promotes and updates information regarding the social economy sector and social support equipment and services, within the scope of its statutory purposes;

l) Promotes and technically supports the creation and development of projects and organizations within the social economy;

m) Supports, when requested by public and private social support establishments, self-regulation in the promotion of quality, protection of the environment and safety conditions, as well as social responsibility, through support for the implementation of the respective management and certification systems, in accordance with the agreements concluded for this purpose;

n) Ensure, when necessary, the guardianship and custody of minors, interdicted and disabled supported by SCML, in the applicable legal terms;

o) Exercises legal powers in matters of protection of children and young people in danger and adoption;

p) Complies with charges arising from donations, inheritances or legacies from its benefactors;

q) Ensures the management of its real estate assets and applies its financial resources in the most appropriate way to obtain the necessary revenue for the pursuit of its purposes, always without prejudice to respect for the obligations assumed and that impinge on the respective assets;

r) Ensures the exploitation of the State’s social games, referred to in article 2 of Decree-Law no. 56/2006, of March 15th, on an exclusive basis for the entire national territory, and the consequent distribution of net profits, being able, likewise, to explore other games that come to be created;

s) Exercises other powers necessary for the pursuit of its purposes.

4 – SCML develops appropriate forms of cultural action, namely through museums, exhibitions, visits, conferences and similar initiatives, with a view to the full use, dissemination and public enjoyment of its historical and artistic heritage.

In accordance with Article 18 of the Statutes, Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa is organized intodepartments and instrumental services.

Department of Social Action and Health

It manages, in an integrated manner, the services and equipment for social action and proximity health, promoting autonomy and social inclusion, through the provision of health care and support, namely, in the following areas of intervention: childhood and youth; elderly population; disabled people; family and parenting; disadvantaged social groups; community development.

Quality and Innovation Department

Its purposes are to promote, support and carry out initiatives aimed at research and development, quality, innovation, sustainability and the institution’s corporate social responsibility.

Entrepreneurship and Social Economy Department

It promotes, disseminates and supports the creation of initiatives within the scope of entrepreneurship and social economy.

Real Estate and Heritage Management Department

Runs and manages SCML’s real estate assets for their profitability and valuation, generating revenue to revert to the causes supported and to the activity carried out by SCML, always respecting the obligations assumed and that impinge on the applicable properties.

Games Department

Its purpose is to ensure the organization and operation of the State’s social games, through the corporate brand Jogos Santa Casa, in the name and on behalf of the State, on an exclusive basis for the whole national territory, as well as to distribute the net results to the intended beneficiaries in the law.


The Sant’Ana Orthopedic Hospital, Alcoitão Rehabilitation Medicine Center and Superior School of Health of Alcoitão are also part of Santa Casa.

The instrumental services necessary for the pursuit of SCML’s attributions are defined in an organic regulation approved by the Board.