The Board and the President are the administration bodies of Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa. The Board is composed by the President, the Vice-president and four members.


The President is appointed by joint order of the Prime Minister and the member of the Government who exercises oversight of SCML and his salary is fixed by order of the supervisory authority, having as reference the amounts established for public managers.

The Vice-President and the Members are appointed by the member of the Government who exercises oversight of SCML, on a proposal from the President, and their terms of office are for three years, renewable for equal periods.
The Board’s responsibilities:

  • To prepare activity plans and budgets and submit them for approval by the supervisory Authority, until October 31st, accompanied by the opinions of the institutional board and the gaming board;
  • To prepare the management report and accounts and submitting them for approval by the oversight, until March 31st, accompanied by the opinions of the audit board and the gaming board;
  • To define the guidelines and purposes to be achieved by the departments and services and prepare the internal regulations and standards necessary for the proper functioning of SCML;
  • To create, transform and terminate SCML establishments and regulate their organization and operation;
  • To enter into cooperation agreements with other entities;
  • To hire staff, in accordance with applicable law, and allocate them to departments, services and establishments as needed;
  • To authorize the acquisition of goods and services, in accordance with applicable law;
  • To prepare, when necessary, a proposal for borrowing to be submitted for approval by the supervisory entity, accompanied by the opinion of the audit board;
  • To create or participate in the constitution of legal persons, when this proves adequate for the pursuit of its attributions, after obtaining authorization from the oversight;
  • To appoint the representatives for the corporate bodies of the legal persons participated by SCML;
  • To acquire, dispose of and encumber SCML’s real estate, after authorization from the supervisory authority;
  • To authorize the receiving of donations;
  • To authorize the collection of revenues and the incurrence of expenses;
  • To apply disciplinary sanctions under legal terms;
  • To exercise any other powers assigned to it by law and by these Statutes or which, as provided for in them, are not within the competence of other bodies.

The President is responsible for directing, coordinating and supervising SCML and appointing, from among the members of the Board, the executive directors of the departments, as well as distributing the functions in relation to instrumental services.
Upon proposal of the President, the Board may delegate powers to carry out any of the acts necessary for the pursuit of its duties in one or more of its members.

The Board meets ordinarily once a week and extraordinarily whenever the President calls for a meeting. Decisions are taken when the majority of its members in effective exercise of functions are present, by majority of votes cast, with casting vote of the President, in case of a tie.