Audit Board

The Audit Board is responsible for:

  • Overseeing the management and compliance with the rules governing SCML’s activity;
  • Monitoring the execution of budgets;
  • Periodically examining the accounting and follow its evolution;
  • Checking the registration and accuracy of all assets;
  • Issuing an opinion on the annual management reports and accounts;
  • Issuing opinions on loans and issuing bonds;
  • Issuing an opinion on any matter that is submitted to its appreciation by the bureau or by the President;
  • Promoting audits, resorting to specialized companies whenever necessary and considered by the audit board;
  • Requiring information and clarification on the course of the institution’s activities.

The Audit Board is composed by:

  • Vítor Miguel Rodrigues Braz
    President, appointed on behalf of the Ministry of Finance
  • Noémia Silva Goulart
    Member, appointed by the oversight, Ministry of Labor, Solidarity and Social Security
  • António Maria Velez Belém
    Statutory Auditor, appointed by the Ministry of Labor, Solidarity and Social Security