Respect and defend national and international human rights, promoting their dissemination, respect and universality within the scope of their activity, particularly with regard to non-discrimination of vulnerable groups, respect for civil, political, economic rights, individuals’ social and cultural rights, as well as fundamental rights at work.

Establish and foster relationships based on respect, transparency, integrity and impartiality.

Carefully and efficiently manage the means at its disposal, in strict compliance with current legislation and for the pursuit of its statutory purposes.

Investing in the personal and professional development of Employees, based on the feeling of belonging and materialized in mutual cooperation and the participation of all.

Continuously increase the modernization of our processes and practices, creating greater dynamism and effectiveness in pursuing the institution’s mission and vision.

Recognizing and complying with the Institution’s social and environmental responsibility, involving stakeholders in the pursuit of this commitment and, to that end, promoting regular communication channels that allow the identification of materially relevant issues and the best ways to approach them, for an effective contribution for sustainable development.

Implement and promote continuous improvement of measures to protect information and assets necessary for the development of the Institution’s activities.